About Clear Mask Pro

Good for the chefs, cooks, kitchen staff and food handlers in a restaurant. 

Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask made perfectly for a restaurant.  Your restaurant can address customer’s hygiene concerns with a clean transparent mask.

Say goodbye to spreading droplets while serving the customers. With Clear Mask Pro, your chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff can practice good hygiene practices.  Your wait staff and other front of house staff  can serve your customers with a visible smile. They can speak clearly and wear it in comfort. It’s ultra-lightweight and has an anti-fog feature.  

Ultra-Thin Lightweight for the comfort.  

Clear Mask Pro  best hygienic mask to use in restaurants.

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Retail Store:


Arti & Mestieri

8611 Weston Rd Unit 36, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9P1

Tel: (905) 265.9905

Opens: Tuesday, Thurday and Saturdays only


    Also available in bulk supply. Please email us for more detail, contact@clearmaskpro.com

    Each package contains 15 masks

    Each mask weighs 4.5 grams

    Clear Mask Pro doesn’t bother the way you speak or breathe while cooking. It’s ultra-lightweight and has an anti-fog feature.