Why Food Businesses Will Benefit in Using Clear Mouth Masks in the Near Future


In today's turbulent times, food businesses are doing their best to follow public health advice, including workplace sanitation and employees' hygiene. Moreover, restaurateurs and foodservice brands must secure their workers and diners' safety, especially amid the global health crisis.

With that, the food industry has its eyes on clear mouth masks for hygienic, economic, and other practical benefits. Besides, there is an apparent concern surrounding food safety, contamination, and infection. That's why it is evident that food businesses will benefit from using transparent mouth masks in the long run.

Here are other beneficial impacts clear mouth masks have for brands in the foodservice industry to give you more insights.


Hygiene and Sanitation

From the pantry until it reaches your customers' plate, your employees expose the food you serve to mouth droplets and saliva. Furthermore, every time we speak, sneeze, or cough, we spread millions of droplets in the air, finding their way onto food or nearby people.

That said, clear masks have a critical benefit for food businesses as it blocks harmful droplets, thus preventing them from contaminating food and surfaces. Therefore, mouth masks safeguard your employees and diners from food contamination and other health risks associated with droplets and other fluids.

More than that, kitchen staff and food servers should wear clear face masks to protect themselves and their food from projectile droplets or bodily fluids when performing their tasks. That includes transporting raw ingredients, cooking the food, and serving orders to diners.


Brand Image and Trust Factor

Running a restaurant means serious business. That's because brands have to meet rigorous requirements set by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Food and Drugs Administration, among other authorities.

Additionally, food businesses can earn public trust by expressing their deep concern for sanitation and proper hygiene. Hence, the expense of overlooking cleanliness in your workplace can be costly.

To avoid such unfortunate events from occurring, using clear mouth masks is the practical solution. That way, your kitchen staff can serve customers safely with a visible smile.

Not only will clear masks to contribute to food safety but seeing your employees wear them impacts your brand image and trust factor.


Comfortability and Convenience

More and more people begin using cloth masks when out in public or at work. Despite that, many of them find it difficult and uncomfortable to wear, especially for long shifts.

Also, several Americans learn that cloth masks can be irritating. Not only because some masks use polyester, which can cause allergies, but if they don't fit snugly, cloth masks could drift up and down your face.

In arid or humid environments such as restaurant kitchens or food kiosks, using cloth masks can be downright excruciating. They are hot, itchy, and smoke and odor would stick to the fabric until washed.

On the other hand, a clear mouth mask is designed for breathability and is a perfect fit for food servers and kitchen staff. Its lightweight and transparent material make you feel as if you're not wearing a mask at all.

Besides, clear masks are easy to clean with dishwashing soap and water — unlike cloth masks requiring a run through a washing machine or pile up the garbage.

Clear masks also deflect any odor, so you can get rid of strong smells as soon as you step out of the kitchen. Therefore, people who use clear masks won't feel claustrophobic, anxious, nor dizzy in them.


Clear Masks Optimize Communication

Don't talk when your mouth is full, so the saying goes. However, working in a food business involves tons of communication.

From the moment you welcome a customer inside the premises, take their order, send it over for preparation, and give their food, speaking behind a cloth mask makes breathing difficult.

For that, clear mouth masks help your staff prevent shedding droplets without compromising breathability. Not only that, but its parent barrier also benefits deaf and hard-hearing customers.

Unlike cloth masks, speaking with a clear mask won't muffle your voice and hamper lip-reading. They aren't barriers to human connection, especially to those with hearing issues. For people with breathing problems and cognitive issues, cloth masks are entirely a no-go.

Otherwise, clear masks are excellent alternatives for several reasons — ranging from comfort and the superior ability for verbal and non-verbal communication.



Clear masks have a vital role in sustaining hygiene and sanitation in the food industry. Furthermore, taking a step to mitigate food contamination can go a long way, and clear masks will surely see through it.

A day won't come where employees can say it's ok to sneeze on people's food again. Therefore, food businesses should continue using clear mouth masks as long as they are operating.

Investing in clear mask also promotes convenience and effective communication in the workplace. Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask designed perfectly for restaurants.

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