Why Clear Masks Will be Part of Our Norms


Clear masks have always been apparent whether in restaurants, concierges, bars, and other establishments. Besides, with the increasing concerns surrounding occupational safety and sanitation, hygienic masks will be an essential component in many industries' future.


Global Health Concerns

Sanitation and proper hygiene have become of paramount importance for people from all walks of life. That's because we spread millions of droplets in the air whenever we speak, sneeze, or cough.

Not only could these droplets harbor microorganisms that can infect other people in the vicinity, but it can also contaminate food and ingredients in restaurants and food service establishments.

As a result, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments begin safeguarding their staff and the public by distributing clear masks. That's because having reliable protection against infection and food contamination will strengthen public trust amid the prevalent health concerns.

With public trust and health issues on the line, the general public has a more careful and anxious approach to most activities. While it's a reasonable response, the increase in health consciousness revolutionized a new normal among residential and commercial establishments.


Increased Health Consciousness

One of the significant effects of today's turbulent health situation is people's increased anxiety and consciousness. When it comes to services involving food and close contact, wearing clear hygienic masks should contribute to the trust factor and overall workplace hygiene.

Moreover, going through your daily activities exposes you to various contaminants and health risks. That also means you need to implement severe sanitary work. With consumers becoming more and more conscious about their hygiene, expect establishments to use clear masks as part of the new normal.

Overlooking cleanliness and hygiene can have expensive consequences. Thus, normalizing clear masks is a reasonable action to improve occupational health and safety.


Clear Masks Don't Impede Communication

People who use cloth face masks may find it hard to communicate clearly with one another. The case is especially true for deaf and hard hearing people where speaking with cloth masks prevent them from understanding anything at all.

For that, a transparent mask has the advantage over cloth ones since it doesn't muffle your speaking voice and obscure your mouth. Besides, half of communication is non-verbal — and we often depend on facial expressions or visual cues when communicating with others.

Communication and hygiene are equally crucial in every workplace. When your task involves speaking for long shifts or working for hours, using a cloth mask makes breathing more difficult.

That's why clear masks have a promising feat for occupational and personal hygiene. We design our lightweight clear masks for breathability and comfort, so speaking with them is as easy and as clear as wearing no protective mask at all.

Therefore, while compromising facial expressions for sanitation is reasonable, being able to do both helps your everyday occupational lifestyle. As humans, we rely on emotions and expressions, even on a subconscious level. That puts us on our next point.


Clear Masks Protect Your Smile

While most outdoor activities won't be the same amid the health crises, our emotional connect ability should remain. So whether in workplaces, homes, or the outdoors, maintaining a reputable image is difficult if customers and staff only communicate with their eyes.

Additionally, you don't want to give a bad impression by using cloth masks that make your staff look unwell. That's where clear masks stand out. Not only are they vital for proper hygiene, but their transparent material lets you work with a visible smile.



Clear masks will eventually be part of our norms because of its hygienic and aesthetic advantages. While we primarily use it to mitigate food poisoning and maintain sanitation in the workplace, it has perks and benefits that go a long way.

Moreover, the ability to express your emotions while staying safe can improve consumer-provider relationships and quality of care. That's why clear masks are critical in the business's hygiene and operation and the daily grind.

Investing in clear masks is a small price to promote convenience and effective communication. Clear Mask Pro™ is the optimized clear face mask designed perfectly for the foodservice business.


Keep yourself protected without hiding your smile. Reach out to our staff at 512.784.5264, email: contact@clearmaskpro.com